March 3

What I wish every home-owner knew about their roof

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I think for most people there isn’t too much thought that goes into the roof of their home. They know that it is there and that the roof protects their home. However, I find that there are a few things I wish everyone knew about their roof.

A roof should be inspected occasionally

The first thing I wish every home owner knew is that their roof should be inspected occasionally by a roofing contractor. An inspection can be the first line of defense against a catastrophic failure of the roof. Some of the things you would find out about your roof from an inspection includes:

  • How long until the roof needs to be replaced
  • Potential problems leading to roof leaks
  • Damage that is not visible from the ground level
  • Improper ventilation issues

The number one reason why people do not get their roof inspected is they fear that they will be pressured by a roofing sales person to replace their roof. While this may be true from some roofing companies, it is definitely NOT true about American Prestige Roofing. Honesty is one of our core values and we will never recommend replacing a roof unless it is truly needed.

Ventilation of a roof is extremely important

I wrote an article a few months ago about proper ventilation of the roof. I cannot emphasize enough how important this principle is. A roof that is not properly ventilated is susceptible to roof rot (a condition where the wood underneath the roof rots away), blistering (where air bubbles form underneath the shingles), and will lead to premature roof failure.

A re-cover of a roof is not advisable

When it is time for you to replace a roof, I have found that some companies will offer to do a re-cover of a roof rather than a re-roof. This recommendation is often given because it is more expensive to re-roof a home than it is to re-cover. However, a re-cover will never last as long as a complete re-roof and it may be only a band-aid to other roof problems.

Not every bid from a roofing company is equal

This is probably the most important thing I wish people knew about their roof. Some companies may choose to use inferior quality roof products and will set their bids just below another company who uses the highest quality materials to roof your home. By just looking at the bid it would seem that the first company is a better deal, but in reality they are making a lot of money by offering an inferior product.

Our recommendation is to have a roofing expert help you sort through the bids that you receive. An expert will be able to help you compare the bids so that you know what you are getting.


I could go on and on about things home-owners should know about their roofs. The most important thing you should know is who you can trust. American Prestige Roofing was built on the American ideals of honesty, integrity, and old-fashioned hard work. We guarantee you will love working with us on your next roofing project.


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