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Hail damage roof in Davis County? Beware of storm chasers

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On August 22, 2018, parts of Davis county were ravaged by a large hail storm. Although it has been a while since that storm occurred, there are some who are still dealing with its affects. To those who might have experienced hail damage to their roof, we would like to offer a word of caution: Beware of storm chasers.

What is a storm chaser?

Storm chasers are companies, usually from out of the area, who converge on places where large storms hit. They know that often times when a large storm hits, there is more work than local companies can handle. They will step in and help handle any insurance claim work from the storm.

Why should I beware of storm chasers?

There are many reasons for you to beware of storm chasing companies. The one most likely to affect you is the quality of the work. These companies are “chasing” the storms for one reason – money. It isn’t uncommon for these companies to charge premium rates and providing inferior service for their work. Because they are not a local company, they are unable to warranty their work.

A client experience with a storm chaser

A client of ours had an experience that could help illustrate this point. Her roof had been damaged by a hail storm in west Roy a few years back. One of these storm chaser companies knocked on her door and asked her to let her handle the claim. They came back to her telling her that her insurance would only approve them to fix the back side of the roof where the hail damage was evident. However, they felt that she should replace her entire roof and started pressuring her to act on their proposal.

Because she was a widow on a fixed income, she could not afford to do the entire roof. The company was not happy with her decision to only do the half of the roof that was bad, so their customer service went out the window. They did not return her phone calls. They did not answer her questions. Several weeks later, the company came and fixed the back side of her roof. However, they left all of the roofing mess and refused to clean it up.

While her roof was being done, her son was in need of a roof. She ended up choosing us to do the roof for her son. After witnessing the difference between the two companies, she expressed how she wished she had chosen American Prestige Roofing to fix her roof with hail damage.

It’s best to use local

If you or someone you know has hail damage to their roof in the Layton, Kaysville, or Farmington areas, tell them to find a local company to help them. If they choose American Prestige Roofing, we can promise that they will have a superior experience with a Lifetime Warranty on their roof.


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