Flat Roofs

Ogden Flat Roof Replacement and Repair 

Flat roof replacement and repair requires a true expert – someone knowledgeable like American Prestige Roofing. Whether you’re looking for rubber or flat roof repair or a full re-roofing with TPO membrane, we can give you a free roof repair estimate.

We proudly service truly flat, rubber roofs and the more common “flat roofs” with curves and slopes in the Ogden area and across northern Utah. Flat roofs are more commonly sloped so that it encourages efficient water drainage.

If it is determined by one of our roofing experts that your flat roof needs to be replaced, we will provide a free replacement estimate.  As with all of our roofs, we back up our work 100% with our 20-year flat roof Workmanship Warranty.  We use the highest quality materials, which is why we can provide you peace of mind with our warranty.

Flat Roof Replacement Costs

The cost of replacing a flat roof can vary depending on the size, materials and other factors.  We offer free estimates to help you understand the cost of replacing a flat roof.

Roof Leak Repair

A roof should never leak – especially a flat roof. If a flat roof is leaking it usually means that there is an inefficient section of the roof that builds puddles that lead to damage over time. This damage and wear causes leaks.

Another cause of leaking flat roofs is improper drainage or inefficient slopes. When water isn’t channeled properly for drainage, it can lead to water entering around corners and flashing. Count on the Ogden roofing contractors at American Prestige Roofing for the best leak repairs and other maintenance services.

Roof Blistering

Since flat roofs require special construction and materials, they need to be properly maintained. Improper installation or damage from the sun can result in blistering or cracks in the roof. If you see this happening then you need roof repair from our Ogden, Utah company immediately to prevent further damage.

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