July 2

Does Your Home Need Roof Ventilation?

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The simple answer to that question is “YES” your home does need ventilation. In fact, your roof probably has roof ventilation already, but it may not be adequate. Our purpose in writing this article is to help you understand the need of ventilation and what to do if you need more ventilation.

What does Roof Ventilation do?

The purpose of roof ventilation is really quite simple – to allow the hot air in the attic to escape. As the sun shines down on your home, hot air builds up in the attic. As the air in the attic warms up, it expands creating pressure on the roof of your home. The expansion and contraction of air in the attic can cause premature failure of the roof. With proper ventilation, the hot air will be released and can prevent roof failure.

How does roof ventilation work?

The way that a roof ventilation system works can be shown in the diagram below. As cool air enters the attic through a gable or eave vent, the hot air is released through the roof vents.

How do I know if my roof has enough ventilation?

The best way to know if your roof has enough ventilation is to talk with a roofing professional. They will have the latest building code information and can help make sure your home has adequate ventilation.

What other benefits will I see from proper ventilation?

One of the most significant benefits you will see is a cooler home during the summer months. Your roof will also last longer because there is less expansion and contraction in your attic. Both of these benefits will equal to big savings.


It is important to have your roof regularly inspected by a roofing professional. During these inspections they can look for any problems relating to ventilation. Contact the professionals at American Prestige Roofing to help you with all of your roofing needs, including ventilation.


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