August 13

Can you Replace a Roof Yourself?

2020 blog


Of course you can replace a roof yourself. The better question to be asking is, "Should I replace my roof myself?" The spirit of Utah is to do things yourself and while this is an admirable trait to have, there are reasons why you should consider hiring a professional roofing company.

Its about your safety

According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, more than 500,000 people injure themselves every year by falling off of a ladder. In addition, there are approximately 50 professional roofers who die from fall related injuries every year. In other words, getting on the roof is even dangerous for people who have the proper equipment and training to keep them safe on the roof.

All it takes is one slip on loose gravel or on the tar paper and you are sliding down the roof. Take it from someone who has been on many roofs in their career, the little bit of savings you might save is insignificant in comparison to your life.

Its about warranty

Many people believe that when they shingle their own roof that the manufacturers warranty for shingles will apply to them. This is not necessarily true. Roofing contractors go through major steps to show that they can properly install shingles on a roof to earn the right to offer a warranty for your roof. The decision of doing the roof yourself could be costing you more in the event of a roof failure. 

Our roof warranty is the best in the industry because we not only provide the manufacture warranty on shingles, we also provide our own labor warranty with every roof we install. If something goes wrong with your roof, we'll be there to help you fix it.


Itks not worth the risk or the little cost savings to replace the roof yourself. Request a no-obligation quote on your roof project and let us show you how American Prestige has you covered.


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