June 6

Buying a home? What to look for in a roof

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Are you looking at buying a home? Whether it is your first time purchasing a home or you are looking at buying a vacation home, there are certain things you want to look for in a roof.

Has the roof been inspected by a roofing professional?

An important step to buying any home is a thorough home inspection. The intent is to find any potential problems with the house prior to purchase. This information can then be used by you or your realtor in the final negotiations for the home. However, it is also used to identify potential costly problems that could be incurred after purchasing the home.

Our roofing experts recommend a thorough inspection of the home. However, many inspectors may not be qualified to spot all potential issues with a roof. That is why we recommend hiring a professional roofing contractor to inspect the roof. With their knowledge and skill they can point out any potential problem with the roof. It’s a small investment to have peace of mind that your roof will adequately protect your largest investment: your home.

Visible roof warning signs to look for when buying a home

Not all problems with a roof will be visible from the ground. However, if you see any of the following warning signs, it may be time to have the roof replaced:

Missing Shingles

If there are missing shingles on the roof, that means that there may be possible leaks coming into the home. It is important to have the roof repaired or replaced if you notice missing shingles. One of our roofing contractors would gladly come and give you a free recommendation for your roof.

Roof with missing shingles

Curling Shingles

Curling shingles is a sure sign that the roof is in need to replacement. The curling of the shingle is a sign that heat and UV rays have caused the asphalt shingle to rot and lose its seal. If you notice curling shingles on a home you are thinking of purchasing, get a bid from a professional roofing company prior to closing. Your realtor will be able to help negotiate the fixing of the roof in the final deal or a reduction in price so you can have the roof replaced.

Curled shingles on a roof

Shingles Look Shiny

As asphalt shingles wear out, you may begin to see some of the fiberglass fibers showing through the shingle. When the light of the sun reflects off of those fiberglass fibers it makes the roof look “shiny”. If you are thinking about buying a home with shingles that look shiny, you may want to get an inspection and bid from a trusted roofing professional.

Fiberglass fibers are showing through the shingles of this roof


Buying a home is an important decision and a huge investment. Your roof is the single most important part of the home protecting that investment. You can ensure your investment will be protected by having the roof inspected by a professional prior to purchase. You can also know the visible warning signs to look for when looking at potential new homes. We wish you the best of luck and you seek to find the home of your dreams.


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