December 5

4 Tips for finding the right roofing contractor



If you are needing your roof replaced, you’ve probably started to notice how many roofing companies are out there. How do you know which one is right for you? Are they too expensive? Are they honest? Will they do the job right? All are great questions to be asking. To help you with your decision, we thought we would share 4 tips to help in finding the right roofing contractor.

Tip 1 – Make sure they are licensed

A roof is more than just shingles, paper, and nails. It is what protects everything inside of your home, your single largest investment. That is why it is important to find a roofing company that is licensed with the State of Utah. Someone who is licensed is showing they are a professional roofer and they take their job seriously. You can verify that a roofing contractor is licensed by checking them out on the State’s professional license lookup service.

Tip 2 – Verify they are insured

A company that is insured protects you against loss. For example, let’s say that the roofing company that you hire is in the middle of replacing your roof and the rainstorm of the century rolls in. Because your roof is exposed to the elements, water seeps in and damages the interior of your home. If the roofer is not insured, the damage will become your responsibility. Be sure to ask your roofing company for proof of insurance prior to signing any contracts.

Tip 3 – Check in to what others have experienced with the company

A tell-tale sign of how good a company is comes from others who have worked with the company. There are many ways you can discover what others have experienced with a company.

  • Read their Google Reviews – Google is a good way to know what others have thought of a company. Good companies will usually attract good reviews, while mediocre or bad companies will be filled with bad reviews.
  • Check with the BBB – The Better Business Bureau can be a valuable tool for knowing if a company has any complaints against it. Check out their business at
  • Ask on Facebook – Another way to find out others’ experiences with a company is to ask around on Facebook. Social media is a powerful tool for getting helpful tips and advice.

Tip 4 – Are they a certified or preferred contractor?

Each roofing system, whether it be GAF, Owens-Corning, or others, have programs for roofing contractors to be certified or preferred. What that means is the roofing contractor has proven they perform roofing services according to the manufacturer’s specifications. This enables them to be able to offer lifetime warranties for your roof. Make sure the roofing contractor you select is certified or preferred by the manufacturer.


I hope these tips will help you in finding the right roofing contractor. At American Prestige Roofing, we are licensed and insured to protect you. At the time this article was written we have a 4.8 star out of 5-star rating on Google. We are an Owens-Corning preferred contractor. We care about our customers and guarantee your roof for life, including labor. When you want the very best in a roofing contractor, you choose to go American.


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